Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians in Arab countries

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Award winning Arab Israeli journalist Khaled Abu Toameh writes on the plight of Palestinian-Arabs outside of Israel and the ignorance of their suffering on the hands of their own brethren by the main-stream media. Toameh, who has been The Jerusalem Post’s reporter on Arab affairs since 2002 published this report on the Gatestone Institute website.

The report quotes researcher Abu al-Walid, who maintains that a large number of Palestinians captured by Shiite militias in Iraq have been tortured and forced to confess to supporting terrorist activities. Already 19’000 out of the total of 25’000 Palestinians in Iraq have fled the country and those remaining are  subject to continuous harassment. Neither the Palestinian Authority of “President” Mahmoud Abbas – in quotation  marks, because he is currently serving the eleventh year of his four-year tenure – nor the international media are intersted in reporting these criminal activities, as they stay focussed on Israel, whom they intent to pull before the International Criminal Court, the principal human rights judiciary body of the UN.

Moravi Ödön

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