They Still Want Us Dead

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So, last week, there was a public event at Harvard Law School, where Tzipi Livni and Dennis Ross debated Israel. And there was this guy, Husam el-Qoulaq, a third year student. At the debate he stood up and asked the following question, that has been quoted in the media as: “My question is for Tzipi Livni. How is it that you are so smelly? It’s regarding your odor — about the odor of Tzipi Livni, very smelly.”
Now, I have several questions of my own that need to be asked: (a) how did this boy make it into Harvard, and how comes he is surviving there, given his obviously defective intellectual capacities; (b) how is it possible that there wasn’t even one decent person who would’ve gotten to his or her feet, and punched this idiot in the face; (c) how come his identity could be hidden for almost a week, about the same amount of time it took the Dean of HLS to issue a statement condemning the occurrence.
Today, I saw that the braindead bozo issued a sort of apology, and is asking for a second chance. And, to add insult to injury, he wrote this:
“I can see now…how my words could have been interpreted as reference to an anti-Semitic stereotype, one that I was entirely unaware of prior to the publication of this article.”
Only a bozo could think anybody would buy this!
So, then I saw a post in The Allgemeiner that:
(a) he was listed as an employee of a law firm
(b) he used to be a member of the Harvard Arab Students Association and an organizer for Harvard Law School Justice for Palestine (after being formerly associated with an institution of the same name at Berkely)
(c) and all these listings and memberships and affiliations disappeared, magically, on April 21, 2016. No traces left
And then it dawned on me: there are no coincidences in life. And the anti-semitism that we fought so hard to eradicate, is still there, in full bloom, even at such prestigeous places as the Harvard Law School. So please, as you sit down for the first Seder tonight, spend a few moments on what we are all still tasked to do, to defeat those malevolents who are against us, and to educate those ignorants who still believe their anti-zionism is in any way different from the ages old anti-semitism.
Chag Pessach Sameach!

Moravi Ödön

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