UNESCO – another forum of shame

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UNESCO is the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation – by name only. Last week, it again demonstrated its subservience to Arab and Muslim interests, by passing – yet again – a resolution that in fact negates all humanity. By ignoring any and all Jewish ties to Jerusalem, in fact dropping all references to the Jewish connection to the Israeli capital city, UNESCO is forfeiting its mandate.

UNESCO’s resolution aims at safeguarding the “heritage of Palestine” and the “distinctive character of East Jerusalem” (pt. 3). Palestine? It is not even a geographically defined term, much less a political one. East Jerusalem? Again, except in the distorted optic of a few crooks in the Arab world, except for the duration of some 18 years, the city has never been divided, in its entire history of 3 millenia. Yet, it is only the eastern part that merits the interest of UNESCO to be safeguarded? What a joke!

But that is not enough: the resolution also aims at stopping Israel – the very real and existing country, nota bene the only one recognized by the UN in the territory – from “the persistent excavations and works in East Jerusalem”, especially in the Old City (pt. 4). I cannot but note, that in this warped optic, structures built on top of ancient Jewish history, should remain hidden to the world. Can this really be the aim?

Israel is called upon “to allow for the restoration of the historic Status Quo“, that prevailed until September 2000” (pt. 7). Why that status quo should be historic, is in no way explained, any more than why it should have changed in September 2000: in the 19 years of occupation by Jordan, no access at all has been granted to Jews, for whom the “Al-Haram Al Sharif” is the Temple Mount and the structures built on top of what is believed to be the site of the First and Second Temple. Following the Six-Days-War of June 1967, when Israel re-took all Jerusalem, the Arabs were allowed to retain all religious control on the Temple Mount, until the riots that led to the Second Intifada. In fact, the status quo still is: only Muslim prayer allowed on the Temple Mount, and all Jewish religious worship limited to the Western Wall below. No change at all, since 1967.

It is only in this messy context, that a reference is finally made to the Western Wall Plaza (albeit put in quatation marks), but only to deplore Israel’s efforts to renovate the decaying wooden structure to the Mughrabi Gate. (pt. 18) It alleges the “removal of Islamic remains” – a claim that is in no way substanciated.

And its myoptic focus on Arab and Muslim heritage goes on and on, to a total of 40 points, culminating in the decision to implement a permanent agenda item, reminescent of what is already being done at the Human Rights Council, to single out Israel for attack and abuse.

That European countries, such as France and Spain, have supported the adoption of this resolution, only adds insult to injury!

You can find a copy of the decision here.

Moravi Ödön

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